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Hanken HIT Students on Autumn 2020
#HankenHIT initiative helps build bridges between Hanken international master students and Finnish companies. It offers a variety of exciting ways to enrich your experiences during your studies, expand your local network and develop your career path. Our international students have secured full time jobs via HankenHIT cooperation with company mentors or facilitated matchmaking events and third-party mentoring programs. HankenHIT programme is open for students both in Helsinki and Vaasa campuses.

Are you an international Master´s student? Then Hanken International Talent™ is for you!

Hanken International Talent™ is a talent management programme which not only matches newly-admitted international students with Finnish companies, but helps you build your network in Finland, improve your CV and support you in building meaningful connections to potential employers during the duration of your master studies.

Your career, your way –  Hanken International Talent™ puts you in the driving seat of your career. You will take charge of shaping your professional direction, but you will not have to do it alone. Your mentor will function as a personal talent manager to help and guide you with your decisions, while Career Services at Hanken will support you during the process.

Gain unique experience –  when you apply you become a part of a Hanken International Talent™ pool. We will then share your application with Finnish business and NGO professionals in order to find a match which will be open doors to Finnish business and social life. Your mentor will help you expand your perception of what you can do, promote your visibility, offer advice on job search and build your network both inside and outside of the company.

For any questions please contact corporaterelations@hanken.fi


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Hanken International Talent™ overview


Hanken HIT™targets three areas of development:

  • Social capital & business environment: build various professional and social networks, discover Finnish business culture and Finnish business environment. 
  • Personal growth: with a company mentor, set your objectives, learn to recognize your strengths and make yourself relevant to the Finnish job market.
  • Professional development: solve company challenges via various employer-student cooperation and explore different career options 


Are you ready to learn, experiment and explore?


Join Hanken International Talent™ and help us shape Finland’s global future.

To learn more drop an email to corporaterelations@hanken.fi

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Hanken supports you throughout your studies to be well prepared for a career in Finland:

Through Hanken International Talent, you as an international Master’s student can get personal company mentor that will help you to find connections and networks within Finnish working life. You will also get an insight on the company and field in question. The partner company can offer you one or several of the following:

  • Mentoring
  • Internship
  • Summer job
  • Collaboration for thesis work

Hanken's Career Services offers a wide variety of career events for all Hanken students. The events vary from CV/LinkedIn check-ins to working breakfasts and career fairs, like the annual Hanken Network Day. As a Hanken Master´s student you get Career services newsletter notifying you about the upcoming events. You can read more about the events here.

By becoming part of the Hanken HIT network you also get invitations to career events especially designed for international students interested in pursuing a career in Finland.

Advanced internship on Master level

The advanced internship on MSc level requires 8 weeks of work to attain 5 credits and 16 weeks of work for 10 credits.

An internship at MSc level is always implemented within your major and can be done either in Finland or abroad. On MSc level you can perform the 5 or 10 credits also by combining shorter periods of internship and in different companies.

You can read more about the internships here

Grant for internship

Hanken offers you the opportunity to apply for a grant for your internship period. You can apply for a grant in the Mobility Online portal twice a year. Keep in mind that the requirements to receive credits and a grant differ, i.e. the internship has to be in one take and at one company if you wish to receive a grant and the internship need to take place within May-August. You can read more about the requirements here.

You can include 134 hours (5 ECTS) of Voluntary work to your Master´s studies at Hanken.

Read more about the voluntary work course here.


Are you interested in learning the local language(s)? Hanken offers language courses in Swedish and Finnish on different levels. If you have never studied Swedish/Finnish before, you are welcome to join the beginners' courses, which are organised every term.