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The research conducted at Hanken is internationally recognized.

Academy of Finland data on the impact of research conducted by Finnish universities (State of Scientific Research 2014) gives Hanken an index value of 1.4 compared to the world average of 1.

In the same report, Hanken also scores high on the Top 10 index, which measures an university's share of the most frequently quoted 10% of publications in each field of research where it is active. Hanken's index value is 1.7, again compared to a world average of 1.

Close to 30% of all publications authored by Hanken faculty are published in international journals.

Latest publications
Christian Kowalkowski, David Sörhammar, Alexey Sklyar, Bård Tronvoll 2020, 'Transformational shifts through digital servitization', IMM – Industrial Marketing Management,
Mikael Laakso, Antti Rousi 2020, 'Journal research data sharing policies: a study of highly-cited journals in neuroscience, physics, and operations research', Scientometrics : an international journal for all quantitative aspects of the science of science, communication in science and science policy,
Joakim Wincent, Charlotta Sirén, Vinit Parida, Johan Frishammar 2020, 'Time and time-based organizing of innovation', Journal of Business Research, vol. 112, pp. 23-32.
Jaakko Aspara, Kristina Wittkowski, Jan Klein, Tomas Falk, Jeroen Schepers, Kai Bergner 2020, 'What gets measured gets done: Can self-tracking technologies enhance advice compliance?”', Journal of Service Research,
David Simon 2020, 'Who Owns Your Health? Patient Data Ownership', The Modern Law Review ,
David B. Grant, Noriza Mohd Jamal, Mike Tayles 2020, 'Investigating the Relationship between Supply Chain Management and Management Accounting Practices', Journal of Supply Chain Management: Research & Practice, vol. 13, no. 2, pp. 1-22.
Maria Holmlund-Rytkönen, Robert Ciuchita, Annika Ravald, Yves Van Vaerenbergh, Panagiotis Sarantopoulos, Francisco Villarroel-Ordenes, Mohamed Zaki 2020, 'Customer experience management in the age of big data analytics', Journal of Business Research,
Othmar Lehner, Christina Binder 2020, 'The problem of heterogeneity within risk weights', ACRN Journal of Finance and Risk Perspectives, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 183-205.
Violetta Khoreva, Heidi Wechtler 2020, 'Exploring the consequences of knowledge hiding: an agency theory perspective', Journal of Managerial Psychology, vol. 35, no. 2, pp. 71-84.

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