The research conducted at Hanken is internationally recognized.

Academy of Finland data on the impact of research conducted by Finnish universities (State of Scientific Research 2014) gives Hanken an index value of 1.4 compared to the world average of 1.In the same report, Hanken also scores high on the Top 10 index, which measures an university's share of the most frequently quoted 10% of publications in each field of research where it is active. Hanken's index value is 1.7, again compared to a world average of 1.Close to 30% of all publications authored by Hanken faculty are published in international journals.Search for high-quality publications by Hanken researchers in the Haris database!

Senaste publikationerna på Hanken

Denise Salin 2020 'Competent’ or ‘Considerate’? The Persistence of Gender Bias in Evaluation of Leaders Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies vol. 10 no. 1
David Simon 2020 Who Owns Your Health? Patient Data Ownership The Modern Law Review
David Simon 2020 Trademark Law & Consumer Safety Florida Law Review vol. 72
Loreta Tauginiene, Alla Anohina-Naumeca, Tatjana Odineca 2019 Correction to: Academic integrity policies of Baltic state-financed universities in online public spaces International Journal for Educational Integrity vol. 15 no. 1