Hanken Research Day

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Hanken Research Day is a platform for researchers at Hanken to share their research both colleagues and students at Hanken as well as with the general public.

This year, Hanken Research Day will be arranged in connection with Researchers’ Night, which is a European-wide event held simultaneously in some 300 cities across Europe on the last Friday of September, this year 30 September. The aim of the event is to bring science and research to the general public through workshops, research meetings, lectures and laboratory visits arranged throughout the day. In Finland the programme is offered by 12 universities and a number of research organisations, Hanken being one of them.

Hanken Research Day is capped off by the formal installation lectures of professors Kristina Heinonen, Nari Lee, Topi Miettinen, and Denise Salin.

Hanken Research Day is open to all interested, including media and the general public.
Read more about the programme below:

For further information about the day, please contact research@hanken.fi.