Current Research

Current Research at Hanken

Research is a dynamic activity. The composition of our faculty develops continuously, and our researchers launch new publications, projects and other exciting initiatives. On this page, we highlight current projects and introduce members of the Hanken research community.

You can already now visit our research database Haris to search for projects and researchers at Hanken.

We will soon complement this with a direct feed from Haris directly to this page.

Latest publications

In the research database you will find all research activity.
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2019 Juha Winter, Sandro Battisti, Thommie Burström, Sakari Luukkainen 'Major Constructs: Ecosystems' pp. 1-34.
2019 Henna Syrjälä, Anu Norrgrann '"When your dog matches your decor"' pp. 39-54.
2019 Arni Halldorsson, Caroline Sundgren, Jessica Wehner 'Sustainable Supply Chains and Energy: Where “planet” meets “profit”'
2019 Ira Haavisto, Gyöngyi Kovacs 'Sustainability in humanitarian supply chains' pp. 500-512.
2019 Katja Einola, Mats Alvesson 'The making and unmaking of teams' Human Relations,
2019 Jean-Claude Guédon, Michael Jubb, Bianca Kramer, Mikael Laakso, Birgit Schmidt, Elena Šimukovič, Jennifer Hansen, Robert Kiley, Anne Kitson, Wim van der Stelt, Kamilla Markram, Mark Patterson 'Future of scholarly publishing and scholarly communication: Report of the Expert Group to the European Commission'
2019 Rune Stenbacka, Tuomas Takalo 'Switching costs and financial stability' Journal of Financial Stability,
2019 Tucker S. McElroy, Agnieszka Jach 'Testing Collinearity of Vector Time Series' The Econometrics Journal, pp. 1-21.
2019 Loup Valax, David B. Grant, James Stock 'Improvements in pre-revolution French military logistics' Supply Chain Forum: An International Journal,
2019 Graham Heaslip 'Editorial for special issue on: humanitarian operations management' Production Planning and Control, vol 29, no. 14, pp. 1127-1129 .
2019 Boris Nikolaev, Nadav Shir, Johan Wiklund 'Dispositional Positive and Negative Affect and Self-Employment Transitions' Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice,
2019 Johan Fellman 'Historical outlook on the study of Secondary Sex Ratio' JP Journal of Biostatistics, vol 16, no. 1, pp. 17-38.
2019 Johan Wiklund, Boris Nikolaev, Nadav Shir, Maw-Der Foo, Steve Bradley 'Entrepreneurship and well-being' Journal of Business Venturing,
2019 Dennis Sundvik, Henrik Höglund 'Tilintarkastus vaikuttaa voitonsiirtoon' Profiitti - Talous & Tilintarkastus, vol 2019, no. 1, pp. 40-41.
2019 Robert Ciuchita, Dominik Mahr, Gaby Odekerken-Schröder, Martin Wetzels 'Drivers of Continuous Usage'
2019 Jesper Per Alexander Haga, Henrik Höglund, Dennis Sundvik 'Cost behavior around corporate tax rate cuts' Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation,
2019 Torben Antretter, Ivo Blohm, Dietmar Grichnik, Joakim Vincent 'Predicting new venture survival' Journal of Business Venturing Insights, vol 11, no. June, pp. 1-8.