Leading People for Growth and Well-being

Leading People for Growth and Well-being is one of Hanken's Areas of Strength

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The researchers of this area focus on people management and entrepreneurship, and have a shared interest in well-being at work as a route to better performance on the individual, team, and organizational level.

The core competencies of the group are related to how leadership and human resource (HR) practices affect different forms of well-being, and how well-being in turn affects the performance of employees and entrepreneurs. In particular, the members of the group focus on psychological well-being (e.g. stress, engagement, and passion) and social well-being (e.g. relationships and work climate) as mechanisms to better performance and growth.

  • Key non-scientific/managerial question: How can organizations increase employee well-being, and thereby growth and performance, through investments in HRM, leadership and meaningful work?
  • Scientific sub-disciplines: leadership, human resource management; people management; organizational behaviour; entrepreneurship
  • Scientific research topics: leadership; high performance work practices; well-being; inclusion; meaningful work; talent management; engagement; entrepreneurial passion; mindfulness; stress; entrepreneurial role stressors; workplace bullying; organizational justice; organizational identification; employee attitudes; entrepreneurial process; career paths; gender discrimination; employee turnover; people analytics; performance management
  • Scientific research methods: q quantitative research; surveys; growth modelling; qualitative research; quasi-experimental designs; laboratory experiments; intervention studies; mixed methods