Areas of Strength

Hanken’s defined Areas of Strength for the period 2019-2023

Hanken School of Economics has pledged to creating cutting-edge knowledge and educating responsible professionals for the global economy and changing society through research activities characterised by academic excellence and corporate world relevance. 

Especially in Hanken’s defined Areas of Strength, the research conducted is cutting-edge on an international level. A strategic decision about the Areas of Strength is taken every five years, based on an external evaluation by an international expert panel. 

The latest evaluation of research (EoR)  was conducted by an international expert panel in 2018. The EoR report led to the following Areas of Strength being defined for Hanken:

Areas of Strength, 2019-2023:

Furthermore, the following research areas were identified, by the international expert panel in EoR 2018, to be high-potential research areas:

  • Digitisation and Sustainability in Intellectual Property
  • Humanitarian and Societal Logistics
  • Strategic and Entrepreneurial Praxis