The Commerce and Industry Fund

Information about the Commerce and Industry Fund

NOTE: The Commerce and Industry Fund is administered separately from the other funds and the grants are primarily intended for the departments.

The purpose of the Fund is realised through facilitating the invitation of representatives from scientific institutions or industry to visit Hanken as teachers or researchers.

Applications for inviting teachers and researchers to Hanken can be made throughout the year without having to follow any specified deadlines. The application should be submitted at least one month before the intended visit. Provided the application is complete, a decision can usually be expected within one month. Retroactive applications are not funded.

The applications for funding within these programs should specifically state the following: name and position of visitor/ lecturer, the person's academic and other merits (CV), a detailed program for the visit, including courses taught (also number of teaching hours) and research programs the visitor participates in during the visit at the university. A detailed estimate of costs (travel and accommodation costs, fees and hourly compensation plus other possible costs) must be attached; please see additional information on how calculate the costs.  


Applications from Hanken's own researchers for temporary visits to foreign institutions can be submitted at the end of the year at a specially announced date, given that funds remain in the Fund for this purpose and that the conditions set for these applications are met. 


Applications to the Commerce and Industry Fund are submitted through the Foundations online application system, for both incoming guests and Hanken researchers' temporary visits at foreign institutions you choose "Invitation of Faculty" as the application purpose . The applications are assessed by the working group for the Commerce and Industry Fund, and the decisions are made by the Rector and the Ombudsman for the Hanken Support Foundation. The working group consists of the following members:

Veronica Liljander

Kenneth Högholm

Kim Ittonen

If you have questions about applications to the Fund, please contact the Scholarship Liaison Officer at, who is secretary for the working group.