Scholarship's at Hanken

Information about scholarship's  at Hanken

The Scholarship's at Hanken consist of the Hanken Foundation funds and endowments. Academic staff and students enrolled at Hanken can apply for specific-purpose funding. Applicants do not need to specify a particular fund from which they wish to apply for support, but they must specify a particular purpose. When a grant is approved, it will be in accordance with the regulations controlling the various funds.

The administration procedure for the departments' applications to the Commerce and Industry Fund differs from principle described above; in these applications the fund should therefore be specified.

Contact Information

The contact person for the Funds at Hanken (applications, grant decisions, payments, repayments and reporting):

Scholarship Liaison Officer
Research and University Services
Phone: +358 40 3521 235
Faculty and student office hours: By agreement only

The Foundations Online Application System

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