Requisition, Payment and Repayment

Please note! In order to receive the payment before summer you need to make the requisition in the system and submit the form at the latest on Friday 15 June 2018 (payment on 20 June 2018). Next possibility for payment is Wednesday 15 August 2018.

Requisition of an Awarded Grant

Persons that are awarded grants are sent a grant letter containing information on how to requisite/confirm the use of the grant. The requisition is done through the application system. At this point the grantee provides his/her bank account number and social security number. The requisition form is to be submitted in the online application system as well as printed and signed and the paper version is then submitted to the Scholarship Liaison Officer. Only when this procedure is completed the awarded grant can be paid.

Payment / Repayment of Grants

A proposed payment schedule will be attached to the information sent to the grantee. This schedule will be followed unless the applicant requests a different procedure. Grants for full-time research will be paid in monthly installments. The montly amount is paid on the 1 or the 15 of the month from the point of time stated in the application as the starting date. Grants for travel will be paid on a quarterly basis (the first bank day of the quarters); as a rule, the first installment will be paid three months before the trip at the latest.

Note that payment of the grant is only possible after it has been requisited.

If the grantee is unable to use the grant for the purpose stated, the awarded amount will (as a rule after one year) be returned to the fund. 

Unused, paid funds are to be repaid into Hanken Foundation's account

Bank account holder: Stiftelsen Svenska Handelshögskolan 
Nordea 218538-132 
IBAN: FI93 2185 3800 0001 32 

The payment should include the name of the grantee, grant number (stated in the grant decision) and the text "repayment of grant". Please inform the Scholarship Liaison Officer at the Centre for Research and International Affairs if grants are to be repaid: