Research Services

Hanken's research services work to support Hanken's professors and researchers to apply for, manage and report on research funding and start new impactful research and innovation projects.

The goal is to support all Hanken researches in creating knowledge of high international quality, developing new valuable research and innovation partnerships and strengthening the research's social and societal impact.

Hanken's research infrastructure also includes support from the IT and finance department as well as other residency functions, which enable the best conditions for carrying out the highest class of research with great societal impact.

All research projects are coordinated centrally from the Research Liaison Office. If you are interested in planning new research projects or building new research and innovation partnerships, please contact us:

Malin Wikstedt
Research Liaison Officer
Tel +358 40 3521 286

Jaana Kokkonen
Research Liaison Officer
Tel +358 50 4678 701

Jenny Lundén-Morris
Scholarship Liaison Officer (Hanken foundation and Fulbright)
Tel +358 40 3521 235

Marianne Dingstad Cambier
Scholarship Liaison Officer