Workshop 1 - Sustainability in managing sport organizations - recent perspectives on equality

Resonsible organising conference
Time: 10.30-12.00
Location: On-site (Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki)
GODESS Workshop

In this research track, we are interested in how sports organizations promote, relate to, and approach issues of sustainability. Discuss and deepen our understanding of how sports organizations define, perceive, and utilize sustainability. Past, present, and future perspectives on the management of sports, as well as approaches addressing issues of (ir)responsibilities and ethics in the managing of sports organizations, are welcome.

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Suvi Heikkinen works as an Assistant Professor in the field of management and leadership at the School of Business and Economics, University of Jyväskylä. Heikkinen holds a title of docent in Responsible Business (social responsibility), and leads an international master’s degree programme related Responsible Management and Business of Sport. The programme is a multidisciplinary and organized together with the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences. Heikkinen is also a board member in GODESS institute at HANKEN. Her research focuses on management and sustainability related to human resources in various workplace organizations.

Suvi Heikkinen

Daniel Alsarve is a researcher in the field of sport science at the School of Health Sciences at Örebro University, Sweden. He is a docent in Sport Science and obtained his PhD in history in 2014. His main research focus is on gender issues in contemporary and in the history of sport.


Daniel Alsarve

 Marjukka Mikkonen M.Sc. (Admin.) works as a Doctoral Researcher at the Faculty of Management and Business, Tampere University. Her research interests include leadership, management and governance in (sport) organizations and gender. Her work has been published in scholarly journals and edited books including Sport in Society, International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, Administrative Sciences and Routledge.

Marjukka Mikkonen