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Minna Martikainen-Peltola

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Dr. Minna Martikainen is a professor of financial accounting and dean for education in Hanken School of Economics (Finland). She has recently been appointed as director for Hanken Corporate Governance Center (8/2018-) and chairperson for Nordic Corporate Governance Network (4/2018-). Moreover, she is in scientific advisory board for ACRN Oxford academic research network in University of Oxford and board member (6/2016 -) and president (2017/2018) in Multinational Finance Society. Previously she served State Pension Fund of Finland board member for period 2012-2018, and directed the Northern Dimension Institute (2009-2012) for the task to promote and increase the international university co-operation in Europe. Previously she has worked as professor in Aalto University School of Business, in Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), in University of Vaasa as researcher and as visiting researcher in Louisiana State University, USA. In LUT she also worked as the vice rector for international affairs. Dr. Martikainen's research interests include profitability and growth of firms, especially in SMEs, corporate governance and ownership structures, disclosures, insider trading, earnings management, firm valuation and information content of earnings figures. Martikainen also has wide international experience in managing and developing cross scientific research projects to increase university co-operation. She has been leader for several Academy of Finland research projects. 


Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration), Business Economics, Vasa universitet, Finland, 1998


Ekon. dr, företagsekonomi, Vasa universitet, Finland, 1998

Highlighted publications

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