Staff Apramey Dube

Apramey Dube

Doctoral Student

Marketing (Helsinki)

Masters in Business Administration (International Business)

Bachelors in Engineering and Technology (Electronics and Communication Engineering)

Researcher at the department of marketing in service marketing and management. My research interests relate to customers' service experiences of smartphone apps, and their implications for service managers. I have authored service management and branding strategy research books and my research has been published in Journal of Service Management and International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications, among other outlets.


Smartphone Apps, Service Experience, Services Marketing, Service Management

Doctoral candidate at the department of marketing with research interests in service management, service experience and smartphone apps. My doctoral thesis investigates the ways in which customers experience smartphone apps in their everyday lives. The key findings show that apps have become a visible, and often invisible, part of customers’ everyday lives. For managers, my thesis provides customer motivations for downloading, usage, and deletion of apps. 


Author of service-led growth strategy book, 'Titans of Service', published in Helsinki in September 2014. The book presents the business logic, methods and techniques used by successful firms in managing services such as Singapore Airlines, Whole Foods, Tinder App, Airbnb, Supercell, and Khan Academy among others


Author of international branding strategy book, 'Titans of Branding' published in Helsinki (May 2009) in association with Tekes (Finnish Government agency for technology and innovation funding), Hanken School of Economics Finland and Emory University U.S.A.


More than 50 hours of teaching experience as guest lecturer for masters level courses in customer experience, service innovation, and strategic branding. I have delivered guest lectures at Hanken School of Economics, Aalto University of Design, Helsinki University, university of Vaasa, Arcada university of applied sciences and others


Expert lectures and consulting for several organizations including Cocon Oy, Lääketietokeskus, Bulevardin Klinikka and others

Selected publications
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