Doctoral candidates

Apramey DubeResearch interests
BW_Dube.jpgApramey's research interests relate to consumer experience of service innovations. Working with smartphone apps, Apramey's research specifically focuses on the ways in which consumers experience smartphone apps and associated consumer insights which can be helpful for companies and app developers.
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Arja HallbergResearch interests
BW_Hallberg.jpgArja's research focuses on value creation and in understanding the concept of value-in-use from the customer's perspective. Her interest areas are entrepreneurship and small business owners and their involvement in service usage and value creation in their own business settings.
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Pekka HelleResearch interests
BW_Helle.jpgDuring the past half a dozen years, Pekkas research has aimed to provide an alternative to the models of value creation that we have inherited from neoclassical economics. Pekkas natural areas of interest thus involves research within a stream of research called Service Logic (i.e. Service-Dominant Logic, Service Science).
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Mikko Laamanen Research interests
BW_Laamanen.jpgMikko's research focuses on value creation in collective contexts. His dissertation research considers the dynamics and practices of organising collective action in labour movement organisations. Generally, his research interests relate to the transformative and critical streams in management towards social dynamics, change, and social movements.
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Sara LindemanResearch interests
Lindeman.jpgSara is interested in market-as-practices, in particular market practices and market creation in the context of poverty: What kind of markets do we want? And what kind of markets are we currently creating? Another theme is innovative and inclusive business models that can provide people living in susistence with opportunities. Issues of justice, power, sustainability and degrowth are also of interest.
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Tomas LindströmResearch interests
BW_Lindström2.jpgTomas is interested in brand images and measurement. His current research focuses on brand images evolve in different company stakeholder groups. Tomas is also interested in how market researchers' assumptions on brand image measurement shape how firms see the brand image and ultimately attempt to manage it.
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Michaela LipkinResearch interests
BW_Lipkin.jpgMichaela's research focuses on understanding in what ways consumers within a brand community experience the brand. Besides this, she is also interested in service branding, brand communication and experiences in more general terms.
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Gustav MedbergResearch interests
BW_Medberg.jpgGustav's main research interests include customer value and value creation in the retail banking sector. More specifically, he is interested in how customers make sense of and determine value from bank service usage.
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Irina NeganovaResearch interests
BW_Nevganova.jpgIrina's research interests concern the role of customers in service innovations. Particularly, she explores customer perspective on solution development. She also studies value co-creation in consumer communities relating to new service development.
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Virpi Näsänen Research interests
BW_Nasanen.jpgVirpi has a professional background in arts management and her current research focuses on marketing and market orientation of art organizations. She is also interested in service design in the field of arts and culture.
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Johannes PerretResearch interests
BW_Perret.jpgJohannes' research focuses on understanding consumer responsibility as an everyday phenomenon by applying practice and discourse theoretical lenses.
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Maria SandbergResearch interests
BW_sandberg.jpgMaria is interested in the shift from consumption-centric lifestyles to sustainable ways of living. Her research focuses on how the subjective well-being of individuals can guide the development and diffusion of environmentally sustainable lifestyles.
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Marianne SeppResearch interests
BW_Sepp.jpgMarianne's research focuses on blog marketing and different ways how bloggers and companies could work together. She is also interested in what motivates people to produce and share content in social media.
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Lotta Vuoristo Research interests
Vuoristo_BW.jpgLotta is interested in customer relationships and loyalty; strategies, abnormalities and insights. Her research currently focuses on understanding inert customer relationships.
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Kristoffer WilénResearch interests
BW_Wilen.jpgKristoffer's research interests include: social ecological economics; degrowth; ethics and the social logic of sustainable consumption; sustainability of consumerism, consumer culture, and economism; individualization and privatization of responsibility; commodification of life in marketing society. His PhD thesis is called 'Sustainable Consumption in a World of Disconnectedness'.
 E-mail: kristoffer.wilen (at)
 Phone: +358 - (0)40 352 1348
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