Marketing Effectiveness and Profitability

This theme includes research on measured and perceived effects of marketing activities for the company, other stakeholders and society.


Responsible faculty member:ackreditering_stor.jpg
Prof. Jaakko Aspara


Researchers focusing on the area:
Prof. Jaakko Aspara
Prof. Emer. Christian Grönroos
Prof. Maria Holmlund-Rytkönen
Prof. Tore Strandvik
Asst. Prof. Paul Viio
Asst. Prof. Johanna Frösén


Specific topics

  • Marketing metrics and accountability
  • Service productivity, relationship productivity
  • Return on relationships
  • Sales-marketing interface and effectiveness
  • Corporate marketing in financial markets; investor perceptions of brands and marketing activities
  • Pricing models; interactions of price and other promotional variables


Focus industries studied in the area

  • Financial services and banking industry
  • FMCG industry
  • Entertainment and events industry
  • Public services sector
  • Welfare services sector
  • Healthcare industry

Recent publications

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