Hanken's Series

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Hanken's series:

Hanken has three series of publications which are published mainly electronically in the institutional repository DHanken.

Publications of four other categories can also be published in DHanken:

  • Master's theses
  • Parallel copies - Open Access versions of articles and conference reports
  • Conference proceedings - papers presented on conferences arranged by Hanken
  • Study literature

The Research at Hanken is presented in the HARIS research database.


Some printed copies of the doctoral theses are available for purchase. Please contact:
+358 (0)40 3521 265

How to publish in Hanken's series

Economics and Society

Doctoral theses. Full text available in DHanken. A small number of printed copies. See Information for Doctoral Students.

Research Reports

Reports about concluded research projects. Full text available in DHanken. The manuscript is sent to the publications secretary or editor, who appoints two experts to examine the text. There is no separate document template, but the template for doctoral theses can be used.

Working Papers

Short reports about current research. Full text available in DHanken. A finished pdf or doc and a statement of competence by a professor are sent to the publications secretary. There is no separate document template.

Parallel published articles

You can also parallel publish (self-archive) your articles in Dhanken.

Free Personal Copies for the Author(s)

  • Economics and society: 25 copies for the author + 25 for the department
  • Research reports: 5 copies for the author(s)
  • Working papers: none

If you wish to pay for more, contact the publications secretary in advance.

Barbara Cavonius
+358 (0)40 3521 376

Conference Proceedings

Conferences where Hanken is one of the organisers, can publish their proceedings electronically via DHanken. The publication gets a static handle-id and all papers are available on the same website, for example http://hdl.handle.net/10227/599

Contact the information planning officer as early as possible, since the publishing work is more smooth if a template is used from the beginning.

Staffan Dellringer
+358 (0)40 3521 268


Compendiums and other material used on courses at Hanken can be published in the serie Textbooks if the author has the copyright to the material used in them. Contact the publications secretary for more detailed information.