Details and student registration for activities

On this page you will find more information about the event!

General Details

Time: TBA
The fair venue: Hanken School of Economics Foyer
After work venue: Torget, basement floor of Hanken
Dinner venue: Casa Academica, Sanduddsgatan 7






Flash Mentoring
Flash Mentoring is one-time meeting or discussion that enables an individual to learn and seek guidance from a more experienced person who can pass on relevant knowledge and experience.
The purpose of Flash Mentoring is to provide a valuable learning opportunity for less experiences individuals while requiring a limited commitment of time and resources for more experienced individuals serving as mentors.
During the course of the event, mentors will be teamed up with 3-4 mentees for short, around 20 minute long, talks. Each student group will talk to four mentors during the morning.

Speed Interviews (1h/company, 15min/student)

A speed Interview, much like "Speed Dating", allows you and the company representant to assess whether there is a common interest for future cooperation. The total length of the interview is 15 minutes and you should be prepared for though questions.
The interviews take place in the space called Skogen (1 floor below the fair)

CV Check-Ins (1h/company, 15min/student)
Do you have questions regarding how to structure your CV profile or which skills and qualifications you should highlight in your application documents? During the CV Check-In you will have the opportunity to personally ask for both general advice and tips for more specific positions, with current or future application processes in mind.
The Check-Ins take place in the space called Skogen (1 floor below the fair)


    Share your day

    You are more than welcome to share experiences from your day through the hashtag #HND19



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