Company registration

Register as an exhibitor here!

Please register your company by 1 September the latest!
(for registration after that please contact

Hanken official Partners, Hanken Business Lab partners and SHS Partners
Registration for companies that are official partners of Hanken and Hanken Business Lab and SHS partner companies.

Other companies*
Participation fee: 2000€ + VAT. 
All companies that are not official partners of Hanken, Hanken Business Lab or SHS.

Participation fee: 200€ + VAT
Companies that fit EU:s definition of a Micro SME. These companies are offered a stand in the so called Startup Balcony above the main fair. Max 2 representatives/company.

*10% discount on participation fee when participating in an activity or both activities during the day (descriptions below).

*CV/LinkedIn Check-In: Meet our students by participating in CV/LinkedIn Check-Ins during the day. Recruitment professionals in your organisation get to comment on students’ CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles and help them develop them further. The time slots are 15 minutes per student and there are four slots per  company. This is a great opportunity for you to enhance your employer brand and meet future colleagues!

Speed Interviews: Career days are one of the most efficient ways for campus recruiter to get face time with our talent pool. At Hanken Network Day we also support the next hiring stage: interviewing. Through Speed Interviews, loosely modelled after Speed Dating, we allow you and the student to assess whether there is a common interest for future cooperation. The total length of the interview is15 minutes and there are four slots per  company.

The price includes

- a fair stand of 2x2m with a high bar table. Space for 2 roll-ups.
- company logo on the event page 
- one post in Instagram Stories
- participation in CV/LinkedIn Check-Ins if you wish
- lunch in the exhibitor's lounge (for max 5 representatives)
- participation in after work and networking dinner
           a. 2 dinner representatives/Hanken Partner, SHS partner, non-partner companies and startups
           b.1 dinner representative/Hanken Branding Partner, Hanken non-profit    Partner, Hanken Business Lab companies 

Tips for participating companies

  • differentiate: think about how you could make your company stand out from other companies. Both visually and with your message.
  • your message: why is it important for the students to visit your stand on this particular day? What do they get that they cannot get anywhere else? Can they meet someone important at your company? Let them know!
  • communicate online: use your free Instagram stories post on Hanken's official Instagram account @hankenofficial. Use that platform to communicate why it is so important for the students to take the time and visit your stand! Also remember to use your own social media accounts and our hashtag #HND19
  • communication during the day: be active! Actively talk to the students and think about interesting ways of getting their attention. 
  • think long term: even if you only hire Master's students for your upcoming Trainee programme it is very important to build your company brand amongst the younger students too. It is going to be much easier to recruit them in a few years if they already know who you are!

Share your day

You are more than welcome to share experiences from your day through the hashtag #HND19


In case you as a company representative have any questions regarding this event feel free to contact us at Students can contact