| 12.10.2018

Mikael Still is Alumnus of the Year 2018

Hanken School of Economics appointed management consult Mikael Still as Alumnus of the Year during the annual homecoming day Hankendagen on 12 October 2018.

Hanken School of Economics annually appoints the Alumnus of the Year, a Hanken alumnus, who has been recognised for activities in society during the past year. The alumnus has also maintained an active relationship with the university after graduation. This year Hanken has appointed Mikael Still as Alumnus of the Year.Mikael Still is an entrepreneur and professional board member. He has founded Vision Works, Plommonet, RomiSystems, A-zeta Consulting and Nooga. He graduated from Hanken in 1985, majoring in finance. Still has since then engaged in Hanken in many ways, e.g as guest lecturer, mentor and Hanken Ambassador.Through his engagement in Hanken’s activities, Mikael Still is an active link between Hanken and the business community, and serves as a role model for both current students and other alumni.

Mikael Still är Årets alumn 2018

“I’m very honoured to be appointed Alumnus of the Year. It has been easy for me to identify with Hanken, and the School has given me a whole way of thinking. If I can give something back, I’m happy to do so”, says Mikael Still.“Mikael has always been there for Hanken. He has been engaged in many ways in Hanken’s activities and he is an appreciated lecturer and mentor. We are very grateful for his strong commitment, says Sören Kock, Dean of operations in Vaasa.More information:
Mikael Still
Tfn 040 704 7078
E-post: mikael.still@a-zeta.com