Links to Articles and Ebooks

Digital copies in Moodle

License agreements with database suppliers usually don't permit redistribution. This means that uploading digital copies (i.e. pdf-files of articles) to Moodle is not allowed, even if password protected. Instead you should give the permanent link to the article, proceeded by the address to Hanken's proxy server. By doing this you will ensure:

  • to use the e-resources legally and in accordance with the license agreements
  • to give the student's remote access to the articles
  • to give correct database user statistics to the library.

Construct the permanent links as follows: 1. Start with the Hanken proxy server address as a prefix, in order to make the articles accessible also as remote access out of the Hanken building

2. Add the permanent link to the article. In some databases (EBSCO) the permanent link is called permalink. You can just copy the permalink and add it to the prefix.The permanent link is also often a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) number. The DOI number is constructed of a prefix followed by a set of numbers

The library is happy to help with compiling reading material lists with links to the sources.You can also scan printed publications and copy text and images from open websites.Questions about creating permanent links? Please contact