Course Book Acqusition Checklist

Course Book Acqusition Checklist

It is the examiners' and the department's responsibility to inform the library on time, which course books to acquire. The department will be charged all costs caused by changes and complementary additions made after the dates mentioned below.

Checklist for teachers

  1. Course books that need to be available for the students in the library or as e-books must be registered in WebOodi, not in Moodle, when the course planning is done in March.
  2. If you want to use an e-book on your course, you should contact the library ( before you choose the title, since the license terms for libraries differ from those for private persons.
  3. In Moodle you can link to articles and course material that do not need to be available in the library. Follow the instructions for how to link to articles and e-booksNote that you are not allowed to download PDF versions of any articles and chapters into Moodle without permission.
  4. You can report additional or missing course book information no later than the dates listed below:
    Deadline for the academic year 2019-2020
    Period 1: 5.8.2019
    Period 2: 30.9.2019
    Period 3: 16.12.2019
    Period 4: 17.2.2020
  5. Use the form for reporting your course books. This way you make sure that the information is also added to WebOodi. Be prepared to fill in the following information: course number, course name, subject, examiner, author, publishing year, title, edition/editions (if available), examination book or supplementary reader and how many attendees there will be if it is a new course.
  6. Remember to inform the library about new courses, cancelled courses or courses that move to another period as soon as there is a department council decision available.

Guidelines for course book acquisition

Literature acquisition

The Library in Helsinki acquires one book per five attendees on a course, but not more that 25 copies. A course book, with a new edition published every year, is acquired only every second year. Two copies of course books used in language and literature courses are acquired. E-books are acquired as a complement to the print copies if they are available with a multi-user licence in one of the platforms that the library uses. The library can order institutional copies, but the institutions pay the copies themselves. Please, notify us if a copy is required to the institution.