What to register?

Learn more about what to report in Haris.

All the research merits carried out at Hanken should be registered in Haris. This means that you should register all your publications, activities and projects, corresponding to what you would tell about yourself in your CV.Recently employed researchers should register retrospectively all their publications published during the last five years, including those that were not conducted at Hanken.  Researchers can also register their older publications.The following should be registered in Haris:

Profile information

The profile information and the metadata in Haris are displayed on your personal home page and Haris public portal, and can be extracted to make CVs in different ways for various purposes with the CV-tools in Haris.Basic information about you and your affiliation with Hanken is pulled from the HR database every night and cannot be edited in Haris. If you find errors in your information, you should report them to personalarenden@hanken.fi.We recommend that you upload a profile picture, add details about your education, research interests and career, and shortly describe your curriculum, in order to enrich the information publicly available. If possible, add the information both in English and Swedish. By highlighting some of your publications, activities and project, you also choose those to show up publicly.See more information at Edit profile.


All the publications such as journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, books, reports and thesis. Publications directed at the general public should be registered as well. See more information at Register publications.


Activities cover a wide range of actions that include publication peer-reviewing and editorial work, participating in or organizing an event, talks or presentations, visiting an external institution, hosting a visitor and PhD thesis supervision, defence or examination. We recommend that you register all the activities that you want to use in your CV.Press and media activities resulting from researchers’ professional expertise, as well as Prizes and other professional distinctions a researcher have been awarded, are also registered.See more information at Register activities.


Projects include information about research collaboration, experiments or others that might require multiple researchers and organisations. Both externally and internally funded projects are registered. See more information at Register projects.
 Read Publication data collection instructions for researchers 2019 (Julkaisutiedonkeruun ohjeistus tutkijoille 2019) by the Ministry to decide your paper’s publication type.