Research Database Haris

Haris is Hanken’s research database.

Haris is the abbreviation of Haken Research Information System, Hanken’s research database that collects Hanken’s research output and intellectual resources.

The public Haris portal pulls data from Haris database and gives a comprehensive picture of the research at Hanken. It is also integrated with researchers’ personal Hanken webpages (for example,

At Hanken, as in many other universities and institutes, we use PURE (PUblication REsearch), a Current Research Information System (CRIS) from the Danish company Atria (now an Elsevier company).

In Haris-LibGuides, there is information on:

  • Basic facts about Haris:
    • What is Haris?
    • Who shall register?
    • What should be registered?
    • How to register?
    • When to register?
    • Who has access to Haris? / Who uses Haris?
    • How to log into Haris?
    • Help and support.