Research data management (RDM) and open data

Promote open science by opening and archiving your research data and reusing existing data.

Research data management (RDM) is an integral part of good research practices. It means organization, description, storage, preservation, and sharing of data collected and used in a research project. 

Please follow the stages and checklist outlined in Data management process at Hanken in the LibGuide on Research data management (RDM). These concrete stages with descriptions, as well as must-dos, in each stage offer students and researchers, respectively, comprehensive and thorough guides that you can trace the whole data management process easily, clearly, and closely.

Research data and related published research results produced at Hanken ought to be open and available for shared use. The openness of research data increases the visibility and impact of your research, and facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration. Optimal use and reuse of archived data not only save time and resources, but improve data repeatability and verifiability, and thus the transparency and reliability of science.

Detailed information on how to write and update a data management plan (DMP), data security and data protection, ethical review, data collection, data storage and backup, and data sharing and preservation is available in the LibGuide on Research data management (RDM).
Help and support for data management plans (DMP), data storage, and data sharing and preservation, contact Questions about ethical and legal matters concerning data security and data protection, contact Hanken's Data Protection Officer