Bibliometrics is the quantitative study of scientific publications.

What is Bibliometrics?

Bibliometrics is the statistical analysis of scientific publications -  focusing on authors, sources and citations.

What Does it Measure?

The statistical analysis results in different indicators about research quantity and quality. In practice, you can measure the number of scientific articles published by a certain group of authors and the number of references to these articles. You can also study the statistical relationships between articles, authors and research fields.The majority of uses concern citations and the impact of publications, and bibliometrics is often used when evaluating institutions and international rankings.

How Can Bibliometrics Be Used?

In the new financing model for Finnish universities, publications will have a bigger impact. The Publication Forum Project was launched in order to harmonise the KOTA-categorization of publications. It is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture and is based in the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. The national  Publication Forum rating will be fully in use within the MinEdu funding model as of 2015.