Hanken's library is open for everyone

Also open to the public

The Hanken library's primary focus groups are students and staff at Hanken. The library is also open to the public for anyone who wants to use our collections for studies or research.In order to borrow books, please request for a library card at the service desk. You may also apply for the card in beforehand, and pick it up when visiting us. Please note to bring a photographic identification when you pck up the card. The library card is personal and the customer is responsible for the material that is borrowed with it.Learn more about the lending rules and lending times.Electronic resources
External customers can access licensed databases in the library as walk-in users using computers that not requires login. Arcticles can be printed out according to a fee, see the price list.Hanken's publications are available in the institutional repository DHanken. Master's Theses with access restrictions are available within the library.For libraries
Other libraries can order interlibrary loans from Hanken
Please, fill in the order form.
E-books, reference books, course books cannot be loaned