Video Tools

Some video tools and what they can be used for.

At Hanken you can use the following tools to create videos to be utilized in teaching and learning:

Tool Good uses: Who can use  Production method
  • record introductions
  • make short tutorials,
  • recieve videos from students
all teachers can create videos. Students can upload videos to a preset channel.Nothing has to be installed on neither the teacher/host's computer nor on the particiants . Record using your own computer
Adobe Connect
  • have lectures over the internet
  • hold meetings
  • interviews
  • discussions over the internet.

Different rooms can be used for different purposes, even shared ones.

All teachers and students at Hanken. Outsiders can join as guests. Open group or only selected people.Nothing has to be installed on neither the teacher/host's computer nor on the particiants'. Using any computer.
Skype for Business Similar to Adobe Connect Available for all staff and students. Like Connect but not all features yet.  
  • stream normal lectures
  • also record and later index according to powerpoint
On computers in A411 and MaxenAutomatic indexing of powerpoints and videos  
Hanken Studios
  • video studio
  • walk-in videostudio
Equipment for
  • professional recording,
  • for own recording without help.
Contact the Computer Centre
Moodle In almost every case the recorded material is integrated into the Moodle course platform either as a link, iframe or a plugin (External Tool).