Regular IT-system Service Breaks

Every server and all software need regular updates to work safely and correctly. Below a few of the known regular service windows.

Below in the table the most common service breaks are visible.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
The month's 1st         Shibboleth Morning
The month's 2nd       Microsoft servers etc, Evening  
The month's 3rd       Haris  
The month's 4th          

Of course, there are times when updates have to be done right away and breaks therefore can appear without warning, for example, when there are serious security issues because of some attack or bug. Normally, updates should follow the set time schedule.

General Service Window for Microsoft systems Thursday after the 2nd Wednesday of the Month 18:00 -

The second Thursday of the month from around 18:00 the computer centre handles bigger software updates for Microsoft servers. This means that some services can be down a while during the update.

How is my work affected by the Microsoft breaks? In most cases the normal updates does not affect the work on Hanken computers. Short breaks can take place in some specific service, but normally that comes back quickly in a few minutes.

Why this evening? Microsoft updates are sent out Tuesday night, the second Tuesday of the month. This means Wednesday morning in Finland. As the updates needs to be checked the update is then done Thursday night at Hanken. As many other updates as possible in other systems will be done this same evening.

Service Break for the Shibboleth/Haka Service and Moodle

The first Friday of the month the login services for Shibboleth/Haka will be updated. Also the most used system, Moodle, will have its server updated then, as well as other Linux servers.

The service break usually takes a couple of hours, normally it starts at 08:00 but there can be exceptions.

During this service break you cannot log in to any of the systems using Shibboleth login, for example Moodle, Schema,, M2, Rondo etc.

Service Break for Sisu on Version Updates

Sisu has service breaks when the version is updated. The updates are done on an irregular schedule most often on evenings and last usually for 1-4 hours. Sisu is not in use when a service break is in progress and you can't log in.

Service Break for the Research Database Haris is the Third Thursday of the Month

Service breaks for Haris will take place the third Thursday of the month. Then you cannot use the haris-admin function = login to Haris to update your research information. Also Haris is hosted by a third party so we cannot affect the timing of the break.