Taking an Exam

Taking a Digital Examination


An examination in a digital exam room works like this:

When you sign up for the exam, you book a computer in a specific classroomThe system gives you an available computer at random for you to use. The exam room, where you take the exam, is chosen by yourself (if several are available).

At Hanken that means that you can take the exam in:

  • Helsinki: Examinarium A410 and A406 on the 4th floor in the main building,
  • Vasa: Examinarium V326 on the 3rd floor, to the right. 

For this there are 9 computers in Helsinki and 7 in Vaasa.

Of course, you have to sign up for the exam in time at https://exam.shh.fi/


  • When you come to the examination room, please come at the appointed time.
  • The time starts running from the official start time (for instance 8:00, 11:00 etc.) whether you're logged in or not.
  • You have between 55 min - 2h 55 min in the digital examination room, depending on the exam.
  • Access to the room: read the instructions here. No knocking on the exam door!
  • Remember, you need to have read the instructions, know what you can, and cannot do, before you come to the exam. Nobody is there to guide you, especially outside office hours.

When you enter the room & How to enter the room

  • You need a key: 
    • Helsinki: personalized HankenKey (degree students in Helsinki can get one from IB book store) or if you are a visiting student or open university student you can pick up a door code from the reception during its opening hours
    • Vasa: for exams at 17 or on Saturdays: borrow a key from the Office of Study Affairs during its opening hours 9-15 weekdays
  • You can enter the room just before your exam starts. If you're late to the exam, you've lost your chance. The door is closed.
  • Please leave all of your belongings in the closet.
  • You can only take the exam from the computer assigned to you, and only at the time you chose when signing up. If you've signed up to the wrong place or to the wrong time, you cannot correct it any longer.
  • If required, you have to be able to prove your identity both before and during the exam.

At the Computer

  • The computer reboots a few minutes before starting time,
    --> WAIT until the exam login page opens up in the Firefox browser 
    It can take a several seconds! 
  • Give your Hanken credentials (Hanken ID and password). 
  • If you logged in even seconds before the exam starts, it will ask you to wait - the exam then opens by itself
  • If you are at the wrong machine, it will tell you which computer you should be at (or that you have no exams today)

When the clock starts ticking

  • The teachers general instructions for the exam are visible when the exam opens. Further instructions can be given per section or question.
  • When you've answered all questions you have to save and exit the exam.
  • You can interrupt the exam at any time. Then nothing will be saved, but it will still count as one of the limited amount of tries you have (=leaving a blanc paper).
  • If you need to use another program like Excel, you are only allowed to save on the Desktop.
  • If you need to upload a file as an answer - you need to do it the old fashioned way, by clicking Add below the question, and browsing to the file you need to add (=no drag-and-drop).
  • If you know your formula editor (Latex) you can add formulas to your answer.
  • If you by mistake close the Firefox browser, log in again. But with Firefox! Your exam is there waiting for you the whole time the exam is open, or until you have quit the exam.
  • When the time is up, the exam closes. As it saves the answers all the time, it will save your answers in the state they are. HOWEVER, if you have used another program (like Excel), the file is not uploaded to the answer until you do it.

During the exam

  • You cannot have anything on the table.
          - no papers, no calculators, no napkins, no water bottles, etc.
  • You cannot leave in the middle of the exam, which means no bathroom visits, no letting in other examinees. Otherwise the exam will count as forfeited.
  • Video and audio will be recorded during the whole exam.
  • A timer will be shown on the screen, showing how much time you have left. The timer will start running from the official exam start time, not from when you enter the room.

After the exam

  • The teacher will review and report the result as usual. If the teacher assesses the exam in the Exam system you will get an automatic e-mail when that is done (and you see it when you log in to the Exam system)
  • If you quit/exit without confirming, the exam is forfeited.
  • You cannot sign up for the same exam again before the teacher has reviewed your previous attempt.
  • If you have insurmountable problems or problems due to the system, which prevent you from completing the exam, please report them immediately after the exam through the form: Student report of problem

Accessibility of the Exam system

  • The EXAM system meets the accessibility requirements in part.
  • During development of the EXAM service, we are committed to improving the accessibility of the digital service and meeting the A and AA level criteria of WCAG 2.1 contained in the Act on the Provision of Digital Services. The observed accessibility deficiencies will be corrected in conjunction with future EXAM version updates whenever possible. In particular, the upgrade of the application framework to Angular7 will improve accessibility (planned for 2021).