Rules concerning digital examinations

Digital examination rules as approved by the rector

Laws, regulations and Hanken's exam statues and instruction for studies and examinations, can be found on the webpage Rules and Regulations.

  • The rules for Digital Examinations in Hanken's examination rooms, as approved by the rector 12.9.2013 (in Swedish, contact for a translation)


For all exams, including maturity tests, taken with a computer in the examination room 410  in Helsinki or room 111B in Vasa, these rules will apply;

  • Exams can also be taken as digital exams. The queue list doesn't apply to digital exams and being late is not accepted, nor is it possible to write an exam if you are late.
  • The exam time for digital examinations in the examination rooms is between 55min to 2h and 55 min, depending on the exam. The students can finish or terminate the exam at any time and leave the examination room, but they're not allowed to leave the room during the exam and come back (no toilet breaks are allowed). You're not allowed to take anything with you to the examination table.
  • The digital exams are monitored through video surveilance and ad-hoc checks can be done on-site. When you take the exam you accept that you are being monitored with surveillance cameras and that Hanken has the right to use the recorded footage to review the exam.
  • More information about how the recordings are handled, and also the rights and duties of the examinee, is presented in this document (in Swedish, please contact for a translation):