About Digital Exam in an Examinarium

About digital exams in the Examinarium - a special video surveilled room for digital exams

What is a Digital Exam in an Examinarium?

A digital examination (or an e-exam) in an examination room means that the teacher can choose to replace some of the traditional examination occasions with digital examinations in an examination room . There you take the exam, during a time of your choosing, through an electronic examination system (a computer programme). Throughout the exam you are video monitored. The video is saved and can be checked afterwards.




A video monitored digital exam aims to give the student more freedom by giving them more flexibility as the time, and sometimes even the city, can be booked individually.

There are other types of digital exams at Hanken, like home assignments, pre-exams or automatic tests to determine one's proficiency (eg. the ICT-licence exam). In the future it might be possible to take some exams with your own computer at a regular exam occasion.




Who Can Take a Digital Exam in an Examinarium?

The teachers decide, whether or not their exams are given as digital examinations in their course.

The exams are only open during a certain period of time, eg. two to three weeks. When logging in to the system you can see which exams are available, and during what time, in the digital examination system - usually the teacher informs the students on the course when the registration for the exam opens.

A digital exam in a certain course is only available for a certain amount of time.