Computer Rooms


Hanken has 4 computer rooms for education and 2 in Vaasa. Additionally, there is a traditional language lab in Helsinki (room 405) and a computer room for language classes in Vaasa.There are some other rooms for self-studies (Akvariet and the student services in Helsinki + 316 in Vasa)

  Helsinki Vaasa
Computer Rooms 4 (A406-A409) 2 (325-326)
Language lab / CR for language classes Room 405 (LL) Room 305
For self-studies Akvariet & The student services Room 316

 All auditoriums have:

  • a projector and
  • a teacher's computer (same programs as the standard computer rooms PC's)

Projectors can be used with your own computerAll auditoriums at Hanken have a projector and a teacher's computer, which has the same programs installed as the standard computers in the computer rooms. This means all auditoriums can be used for presentations.It is possible to connect your personal computer to any of the projectors.

Software in the Computer Rooms

The computer center maintains the machines and their programs in the computer rooms.

When In the spring, right after the school year/academic planning (at the same time the course litterature has to be)  
Why To give us enough time to acquire and install the right version of the program. (and to determinate if we can/should get it)  


Who stands for the costs:

Guideline:      Is the program used in several courses  
Yes The computer center  
No The individual department  




Why wasn't my request approved?

That a request was submitted doesn't always mean it can be installed, be it because of economic, technical or maintaince reasons

But it was free

It still has to be maintained and updated every once in a while. It also has to be compatible with the other programs on the computer. We try to avoid having two programs having the same function