Mathematica is a system for modern technical computing.

To get Mathematica for your personal computer you must register on Mathematica's pages, and download the software from there:

  • Go to
    Wolfram is the company behind Mathematica.
  • Create a Wolfram user-id with your Hanken e-mail adress!
  • Fill in a suitable department/subject and your estimated graduation year (=all compulsory fields marked with a star). Only by filling all compulsory fields you can get the software.
  • Remember to confirm your id from your Hanken e-mail.
  • Log in with the id you created.
  • If you do not use your Hanken e-mail, or leave out one of the compulsory fields, the system informs you that "There are no products currently associated with your Wolfram ID".
  • Now you can download the software.