Your teaching during the pandemic

All teaching, supervision and study guidance for students is given only digitally and or as self-studies this spring.

Updated 20.4.2020 (ST)

To minimize consequences for the students due to lack of class based teaching, teachers are encouraged to use all available online tools, when needed, to be able to carry through the courses given in P4.

The examination should also be possible remotely. Hanken’s goal is to make sure that nobody’s plans for the future are affected by the School’s forms of examination. In order to support the examiners' choices and decisions regarding exam forms at a distance, the Education Council 7.4.2020 approved the following:


Exams online

The exam week for period 4 (11-16 May) is cancelled in its entirety following the government's decision to extend the closure of educational institutions to 13.5.2020. The examiners concerned should to switch to alternative forms of examination because it is uncertain when it will be possible to arrange general exams again. Students should be offered opportunities to complete their courses during the spring semester to ensure their possibility to graduate. The digital exams in Exam are also cancelled until the Hanken premises are re-opened.

This can be done as tests and quizzes in Moodle, hand-in assignments / tests, reflection diaries, presentation or reflection videos, oral exams or presentations in Teams, peer review, etc. Tests can be time limited, randomized, checked for plagiarism and corrected automatically in Moodle. Read more about Exams in Moodle Moodle workshops are also offered.

The stress on the Moodle server is increasing especially in the end of the teaching period when many exams are arranged in Moodle. Read more about Moodles capacity and rekommendations

=> To be able to coordinate the exams for all teacher, please notify the Office of Study Affairs of your proposed exam time for your course and the exam forms you are going to use (mail

Equal treatment of students should apply also in such circumstances. Equal treatment means that all students who are in the same situation should have the same opportunities, but it does not necessarily mean that all students on the course must have the same assessment methods.

The students are still responsible for not cheating, although we cannot control it in the same way as at an exam – it also applies to being the one who they claim to be, not to give out their passwords and to follow instructions on what is individual tasks and what is done in groups.

As of 1 April the maturity tests are written in Moodle at least until 13 May. Those concerned will be contacted by the Departmental secretary with further instructions.

Teaching in Teams

Teaching can be conducted online using Teams. You can create a personal Teams link for a course. You can then you share the link in Moodle for the students to use in order to join the online session. In order to create your own Teams link, create a calendar item in Outlook, invite yourself and select a Teams Meeting. If you want to record the lecture, you must invite all your oparticipants in the calender booking. Here you will find Teams instructions.

Please keep to the schedule already reserved in Schema for online lectures, so that unnecessary clashes do not occur. Strive to keep your online lectures shorter than 90 minutes at a time. Connect to Teams using the link you have created and share your screen so that the students can view your teaching material. The students use the link to join the online lecture. An online lecture in Teams can also be recorded.  If you record a meeting or lecture in Teams, the link to the recording will eventually be added to the Teams chat. The video is on Microsoft Stream. Those who have logged in to participate in the meeting will automatically get access to the recording, otherwise you have to give rights to the video. Read here how to share your recordings in Microsoft Stream to all students in your course in Moodle.

We recommend that you use a headset (headphones and microphone). If you do not have headset of your own, you can get one from the reception.
Tip: Ask the students to keep their microphone muted and camera turned off to get better quality. Up to 250 people can attend the same meeting in Teams.

Recording with Ubicast

You can also record lectures in advanced with Ubicast on your own computer. Instructions available here. From 18 March it is no longer possible for teachers to stream and record the lectures in classrooms at Hanken. If you need to borrow a computer or need stronger broadband to be able to conduct online teaching, you must notify help(at)

Teaching material for self-studies

If adequate self-study material is available (video material, literature, etc.), the teacher can replace class-based teaching with self-studies. We can only expect that students have access to electronic material during the time that Hanken's library is closed and the teaching must be structured so that they can cope with this. Read Library’s services during the shutdown Several publishers now offer multi-licenses on electronic books.

Quantum is closed from 18 March. More information about access to data bases in Quantum is available on the Library's info site (link above).

Summer courses in S2 and S1

Since many companies were forced to initiate temporally lay-offs, several summer jobs were also canceled. For this reason, the need for summer courses has increased significantly among students. Anyone who would like to offer a new online round of their course in the summer should contact Johanna Lepola (
Also, the courses already planned for S1 and S2 must be possible to be taken remotely .As before, the summer course offer is open to all Hanken students regardless of location.

The summer periods are as follows:
S2: 20.5-31.7.2020
S1: 1-30.8.2020

Supervision of thesis

It is also important to secure the supervision of thesis during the summer. Supervision via Teams Calls is a way to do this, where either the student or the teacher calls the other via Teams during the agreed time. A meeting can also be pre-booked in Outlook or Team Calendar.
Here are video instructions for Teams

Doctoral defences

The Teams application also makes it possible to conduct a doctoral defence online. The doctoral defence can be postponed if the doctoral candidate so wishes.

Help and questions

If you need help with Teams, Moodle and other online tools you can email teachinglab(at) On Teaching Lab's page you will find information on how to make video calls to us during our "office hour". The Computer centre helps with technical solutions via help(at)

The departments have appointed resource persons who can internally assist and support colleagues with the challenges posed by the transition to online teaching. To exchange ideas with a teacher in your own subject who has experience of how different tools work in practice can be valuable. Especially regarding the creation of alternative forms of examination in e.g. Moodle's ideas, help and collegial support may now be needed.You can best reach them via Teams Chat or Teams Call.

Marketing and logistics: Jori Grym and Niko Solitander
Management and organization: Mikaela Krohn
Accounting and Commercial Law: Mayvor Höglund and Eva Ström
Finance and Economics: Agnieszka Jach and Vesa-Heikki Soini

If you have any questions about Corona, you can email corona-info(at) The email is read by staff representing study affaires, HR, security issues, events and the Rector’s office.