Courses in different tools

A brief description of the content of the different courses Teaching Lab organises.

Teaching Lab organises a variety of courses throughout the year - sometimes once, sometimes the same course several times.

The current list of courses can be found in the registration form (see the drop-down list at registration). You can also submit requests in the same form in the comment box.

Current: MOODLE-workshops are offered where different alternative forms of home exam are reviewed. The dates are available in the registration form above.


WEBOODI för lärare/for teachers

Managing course participants (email, reject/approve applications), course descriptions and course evaluations

En översikt av de undervisningsrelaterade systemen på Hanken
An OVERVIEW of the Education related systems at Hanken

TEAMS workshop - Möten med Teams/Meetings in Teams 

MOODLE 1 - Moodle kurssidan (grunderna) - Moodle course page(Basics)

MOODLE 2: Bedömning och uppföljning / Assessment and follow up 

DATASKYDD - DATA PROTECTION for teachers/researchers

MOODLE 4: Test / Quizzes

MOODLE 3: Grupper,uppföljning,olika uppgiftstyper - Groups,logs, assignments types

Exam: Skapa/korrigera e-tentamen - Create/assess e-exam

MOODLE 5: Peer review tasks (Eng)

DREAMBROKER & SCRIPT- skapa video, inlämningsuppgift/Create videos, assignments