Work Plans

All teaching and research staff should make a work plan each academic year. The work plan should be discussed with and approved by the manager before the academic year begins. A copy is sent to HR no later than September 2019.

Work plans - Instructions

The total annual working hours for all teaching and researching personnel is 1,624 hours. Having a system based on total working hours increases flexibility and facilitates the planning of the distribution of work within each department.Everyone should plan their own workload within the limitation of the total working hours and prepare an annual work plan in cooperation with their manager. The head of department will ensure that the work is evenly distributed so that the work plans for personnel are drafted whilst at the same time taking into account the teaching and other activities the department is responsible for.Hanken's rector has laid down the following principles for the basis of calculation fo allocating hours for different tasks:

Hanken's principles for total work time, rector's decision For more information, please see the instructions below:

Instructions - Work Plan 2019-2020 

Work Plan Form

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Work_plan 2019-2020 Please note that the recommended max hours of teaching (contact hours) is:

  • max 142 h/academic year for a professor,
  • 396 h/academic year for faculty whose duties have emphasis on teaching, and
  • max 5 % of total working time / academic year for doctoral students.

The work plan should be approved by the manager before the academic year begins. Staff employed during the academic year should also make a work plan.An employment contract for hourly paid teachers is made for work that exceeds the 1,624 hours in the work plan. The department pays an hourly wage, which is the annual salary divided by 1,624.For academic staff not working on a project with external funding, the working hours will also be registered in Halli by the HR unit (provided that a copy has been sent). For more information on Halli, please see Allocation of work time - Halli.