Studies in marketing for incoming exchange students

Study marketing as an exchange student at Hanken


Welcome to the subject of marketing homepages. If you are planning to do your exchange studies at Hanken and are interested in marketing this is the right page for you.

At Hanken marketing is seen from a big perspective with strategical implications for the company. Marketing is seen as management perspective that can be used as a competitive edge and make the company profitable and customers satisfied. Marketing is seen from a strategic viewpoint that has many different implications and uses.

When studying marketing you get an understanding of the importance of marketing for organizations, its role on the market and strategic implications. Customers and service holds an important role in our teachings.   


If you are interested in taking a complete master’s degree at Hanken with inriktning marketing please visit our page master degree programmes.


Courses provided by the Subject of Marketing for exchange students in Helsinki

Information about the courses can be found in WebOodi, an online program where all course information is available.

When searching for information about courses in WebOodi clicking the course code will give you information about the course, clicking the course name takes you to the enrolment page.



The courses taught in English at Hanken that are open for exchange students are compiled in WebOodi  - study handbooks "Courses open for exchange students", separately for Helsinki and Vaasa.

Students from the Nordic countries who are able to follow instruction in the Swedish language may also choose courses taught in Swedish in both Helsinki and Vaasa.


How does intermediate courses differ from advanced level courses

Intermediate courses:

  • Focuses on versatility and how to solve practical tasks which marketers face daily.
  • The students learn about the diverse fields and subjects within marketing and their functions for organizations.
  • Teaching methods include learning trough fieldwork, exercises and from case studies.
  • Study time is often divided between lectures, group work and individual work.

Advanced level courses

  • Focuses on strategic leadership thinking and critical analytical abilities and deepening the knowledge of the selected field.
  • The students learn about conducting market research, applying models and theories and presenting findings.
  • Study time is often divided between time in class, group work and individual work.
  • Teaching methods include learning trough fieldwork, exercises, reading and reflection of articles and from case studies.


Course prerequisites

As an exchange student you have the opportunity take a diverse set of courses at Hanken on both BSc and MSc level - as long as you fulfil the prerequisite for the course.

Several courses given by the Subject of Marketing on both intermediate level (BSc level) and advanced level (MSc level) have prerequisites that you need to fulfill to be able to take the course. You can see the prerequisites for each course in their course description on WebOodi.  Intermediate level (BSc) courses often requires that you have taken an introductory course in marketing whilst advanced level (MSc) level courses can require more or have other criterias.

One prerequisite that is exempt for exchange students is prerequisite of needing to be a MSc student to take advanced level courses (unless your university has given you other instructions). However, it is recommended that you take courses at your own level. In other words, if you are a bachelor level student it is recommended that you take intermediate level courses.

If you are unsure if you meet the prerequisites for a course, please contact the course’s teacher.  Who the teacher is can be found in WebOodi. If the prerequisite is previous taken courses in the subject please include not only the name of the course(s) but also course description, literature material overview and teaching methods if available.


A bit more information about courses and how to register for courses can be found on the page Course plan and on the page Courses open for exchange students under the pages for Incoming exchange students. Please remember to check that your own university approves the courses you choose.  


For questions regarding your exchange and general questions such as structuring your studies please consult this page.

For question about studying marketing at Hanken contact Johanna Gummerus ( regarding studies in Helsinki and Peter Björk ( about studies in Vaasa.