The Research Group developed initially from three developments:

• First, the Academy of Finland funding for the 5-person project ‘Women’s Entrepreneurship – Crisis Management and Survival Strategies’, member of research team directed by Professor Guje Sevón, Hanken, funded by the Academy of Finland in 1999.

• The Ministry of Education funded a 5 year Professorship in Women’s Studies, with special relevance to Management and Organization Studies, Hanken, in Department of Management and Organization. This was held by Professor Anne Kovalainen.

• The University’s linked foundation, Hanken Stiftelsen, funded a distinguished visiting fellowship for Professor Jeff Hearn on ‘Gender Relations in Transnational Organisational Top Managements: Comparative Nordic-UK Sectoral and Case Study Project’ (1999-2000), and The Academy of Finland Academy Fellowship to Hearn on ‘Men, Gender Relations and Transnational Organising, Organisations and Management’ (2000-2005).

From these developments, the Research Group was launched at the International Conference on Gender, Entrepreneurship and Change, Swedish School of Economics, 2000.

Gender research group was initially co-convened by Professors Hearn, Kovalainen and Sevón. With the departure of Kovalainen and Sevón, Dr Minna Hiillos and Dr Marjut Jyrkinen became co-convenors. It has also been co-convened by Dr Charlotta Niemistö. The group is currently co-convened by Dr Paula Koskinen Sandberg and Dr Annamari Tuori.

The Group has since expanded to over 25 members, and includes researchers in Management and Organization, Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Corporate Geography, in Hanken, as well as a small number of members based in other universities.