Projects and activities

Projects and activities


• ’Social and Economic Sustainability of Future Working Life: Policies, (In)Equalities and Intersectionalities in Finland’ (WEALL), Niemistö, Tuori, Hearn, led by Jyrkinen (Helsinki University), Strategic Research Funding/Academy of Finland, Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki University, Jyväskylä University (2015-)

• Teaching course “Gender, management and organization”, since mid-1990s.

• Professors Albert Mills and Jean Helms Mills are regular visitors to Hanken and to the Group from Canada.

• ‘The Social Problem of Men: the Social Problem and Societal Problematisation of Men and Masculinities’ Co-coordination/ Principal Contractor EU FP5 Thematic Network, The European Research Network on Men in Europe (2000-2003).

• ‘Sexualised Violence, Global Linkages and Policy Discourses’ Hearn and Jyrkinen, Svenska handelshögskolan, Helsinki, funded by Academy of Finland (2000-2003).

• Co-leadership with Prof Suvi Ronkainen, University of Tampere/Lapland, Sexualised Violence Research Consortium, Academy of Finland (2000-2004).

• Lead partnership in NorFa-funded 5 Centre UK-Nordic Research Network ‘Violences, Agency Practices and Social Change’ (2001-2004).

• Grants from Jenny ja Antti Wihurin rahasto, Kaute-säätiö and Wallenbergs stiftelse to the Gender Research Group.

• Grant from Academy of Finland grant on behalf of the University for European EU Conference.

• Consultancy for the Council of Europe. 

• Institutional partner in the Nordic Research School in Interdisciplinary Gender Research, NorFa-funded (2004-2008).

• Institutional partner in Framework 6 Concerted Action on Human Rights Violation (2004-2007).

• Professor Rebecca Piekkari was awarded a Senior Research Fellowship, and worked on gender and diversity research from 2003.

• Professor Linda McKie has been a regular visitor to Hanken and to the Group from Scotland, and has developed several linked researches on gender, well-being, carescapes and policy.

• The Research Group co-organised with the Gender Research Group on Gender and Economy, Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki, the First National Conference, on Gender and Organisations, ‘Gender and Power: Organisations in Flux?’ Conference, Helsinki, May 2003. This has led to the production of a collaborative book of the same name, published by Hanken, 2004.

• The Research Group co-organised with Helsinki School of Economics, Women’s Studies Annual National Conference, November 2005.

• Organised with Prof Liisa Husu and NASTA Project, “Leadership Through the Gender Lens”, Hanken School of Economics, Jyväskylä University and Helsinki School of Economics, October 2009.

• The Research Group co-organised with Aalto University, National Gender Studies Conference, November 2014

• The European Academy of Management stream on Gender and Management has been co-convened for three years by Hearn.

• Academy of Finland Postdoctoral fellowships to members of the Group:
 Denise Salin: ‘Organisational Measures against Workplace Bullying: Attitudes,  Prevention and Intervention’ (2005-2008)
 Marjut Jyrkinen: ‘Age, Gender and Diversity: Women Managers and Policies  in Organisations’ (2008-2010)
Beata Segercrantz: ‘Moments of transformation -Exploring undesirable consequences of ICT innovation in social and health services’ (2012-2015)

•  ‘Television-Internet Media Companies’, Policies and Practices, Young People and Pornographisation’, Hearn and Jyrkinen, NIKK (2005-2007).

• NASTA: Women’s Leadership: A Research and Education Development Project, Ministry of Education, Finland, with Dr Liisa Husu (project manager; formerly Dr Minna Hiillos), Hearn, Jyrkinen, Charlotta Niemistö (Hanken), Professor Anna-Maija Lämsä (University of Jyväsklylä), Professor Sinikka Vanhala (Helsinki School of Economics) (2005-2009), hosted by Hanken, with the University of Jyväsklylä and the Helsinki School of Economics, funded by Ministry of Education on Women in Management and Leadership. This project has several sub-projects, including:

i. web-based teaching and outreach resources;
ii. teaching survey on gender in the three universities;
iii. review of Finnish research and publications on this area; and
iv. various research projects, e.g. women’s careers and career anchors.

• Dr Gyöngyi Kovács has been a key partner in ‘Gender Mainstreaming in Humanitarian Logistics’ research project between the Women’s Institute for Supply-Chain Excellence (WISE), Cranfield University and Hanken. The project investigated the interrelations between gender, logistics skills, and logistics performance. 

• The project is linked to the ‘Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Research Institute’ (HUMLOG Institute), based in Hanken.

• ‘The Quest for Well-being in Growth Industries: A Comparative Study in Finland and Scotland’, Hearn, Tallberg, Gripenberg and Jyrkinen, Academy of Finland (2008-2010).

• Study on the Role of Men in Gender Equality, Hearn, EU FP 7 (2010-12).

• NaisUrat (Women’s Careers) project, Hearn, Biese, Koskinen, Niemistö, Husu, European Social Fund (ESR), Hanken School of Economics, with Jyväskylä University (2012-2014).

• ‘Age, Generation, and Changing Work-Life Balance and Boundaries’, Hearn, Niemistö, Karjalainen, Tuori, Academy of Finland (2012-2014).

• Finland-South Africa project, Enabling South African and Finnish youth towards non-violence, equality and social well-being, Hearn, Jungar, Lehtonen, with Prof T. Shefer, Academy of Finland/NRF (2013-2016).

• ‘Perspectives on and reactions to workplace bullying: implications for human resource management’, Salin, Academy of Finland (2014-2018).

• Koskinen Sandberg was awarded annual research scholarship by The Board of Akava (Confederation of Unions for Academic Professionals in Finland)

• Editing of special issues of Women in Management Review and British Journal of Management on gender and management.

• Many books, articles, chapters and other publications.