The Department of Management and Organisation provides an arena for national and international co-operative research.

Almost all of our researchers are involved in new and ongoing projects and the department always has a wide range of research being undertaken. Many projects are jointly funded, cross-departmental and international, which brings in outside participants. The funding for these projects comes from several sources, including Academy of Finland, Business Finland, The Finnish Work Environment Fund, Jane and Aatos Erkko fund, Marcus Wallenberg fund, and the Ministry of Education. Year 2015 the following externally funded projects were based at the department:

  • JAES / Processes and practices of strategic change in city organisations
  • Global perspectives on workplace bullying: implications for human resource management
  • SKR / PSED
  • NopSA
  • Engaging South African and Finnish youth towards new traditions
  • Stunder av förändring - En studie om negativa konsekvenser av innovation i social- och hälsovårdsservice
  • A Practice Perspective on Business Ethics
  • Strategisk ledning i kommunala organisationer
  • Influence without authority
  • STEPP/Study of the entrepreneurial startup process: Longitudinal study of how individuals seek to start new businesses in Finland
  • The role of high-impact SMEs in ecosystems: nisches, keystone and domains
  • Hidden inequalities and diversities

For more information check research database HARIS

Past projects and research groups:

  • Level Innovation and Change in the Evolving Global Wireless Communication
  • Discourse in Strategy
  • Kehyskeskustelut dialogisen johtamisen välineenä
  • MOVI
  • Beyond Single Explanations
  • Age, Generation and changing Work-Life Balance and Boundaries
  • Naisurat
  • Value Creating Board
  • The Quest for Well-Being
  • Beyond the Pro-Innovation Bias
  • International immobility trend among business graduates and students
  • The Global Leadership Challenge
  • McGill Conference Series
  • WLMM
  • IC Group
  • Gender Group
  • The Social Problem of Men: the Social Problem and Societal Problematisation of Men and Masculinities' Co-coordination/ Principal Contractor EU FP5 Thematic Network, The European Research Network on Men in Europe (2000-2003)
  • Sexualised Violence, Global Linkages and Policy Discourses' Hearn and Jyrkinen, Svenska handelshögskolan, Helsinki, funded by Academy of Finland (2000-2003).
  • Co-leadership with Prof Suvi Ronkainen, University of Tampere/Lapland, Sexualised Violence Research Consortium, Academy of Finland (2000-2004)
  • Organisational Measures against Workplace Bullying: Attitudes, Prevention and Intervention (2005-2008), Denise Salin
  • Age, Gender and Diversity: Women Managers and Policies in Organisations (2008-2010), Marjut Jyrkinen
  • Television-Internet Media Companies, Policies and Practices, Young People and Pornographisation', Hearn and Jyrkinen, NIKK (2005-2007).
  • NASTA: Women's Leadership: A Research and Education Development Project, Ministry of Education, Finland,  Professor Liisa Husu