PhD Programme


Programme structure

The Department of Management and Organisation has an ambitious doctoral studies programme that aims to provide students with in-depth knowledge of their own research area, the ability to apply research methods, and the ability to create new scholarly knowledge. The focus of the programme is to prepare the graduates for a career as researchers.

Doctoral studies in the Department of Management and Organisation includes a wide and challenging course programme which consists of three elements:

  • 32 ECTS courses taught at Hanken,
  • courses offered by the Finnish graduate school in business studies (KATAJA), and
  • courses offered by three comprehensive international doctoral programmes.

The Department of Management and Organisation is participating in the following programmes:

  • The Nordic Research School in International Business (NORD-IB), a 30 ECTS programme offered collectively by the Aarhus Business School, the Copenhagen Business School, Hanken, the Norwegian School of Management, the Stockholm School of Economics, and Uppsala University.
  • The European Doctoral School in Knowledge and Management ( EUDOKMA), an extensive programme consisting of intensive on-site courses offered by a network of European universities.
  • The Nordic Research School in Interdisciplinary Gender Research, which offers a range of courses taught in the different Nordic countries.

Research focus


The research focus of Management and Organisation at Hanken is on management and human resources in globalising business organisations, reflecting the double processes of the globalising of and by business organisations; however, other organisations and the increasing interconnections of business and non-business organisations are also within the scope of study. The research focus is international and interdisciplinary, across organisation theory, organisation behaviour, international management, human resource management, knowledge management, strategy, gender studies, transnational studies, critical management studies, and the social sciences more generally.

Management and Organisation currently has the following central research programmes:

  1. Industrial restructuring in globalising organisations: Uncovering the cultural and political dynamics of international mergers and acquisitions;
  2. Knowledge in globalising organisations: Explanatory mechanisms, measurements and performance implications;
  3. Human Resource Management and employee wellbeing in globalising organisations: the role of the HR function, HRM practices, employee outcomes, and firm performance;
  4. Gender and diversity in globalising organisations: transnational management, policies and organising.


The doctoral programme includes also a student mentoring system, a PhD programme development committee consisting of professors and doctoral students that meets regularly, and extensive guidelines for the students.

International exposure

Furthermore, the students are strongly encouraged to spend at least one term as visiting student at foreign universities. Hanken is, for example, a member of the SCANCOR (Scandinavian Consortium for Organisational Research at Stanford University) that offers Hanken's PhD students a possibility to study at Stanford, California and Harvard University.

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