The Subject Economics

Here you will find a summary of the studies in Economics. This page focuses on Bachelor and Master-level studies.

Hanken School of Economics offer studies in Economics at three levels: Bachelor level, Master level, and Phd studies. Here follows a brief summary of the Bachelor and Master-level studies.

  • 180 ECTS Bachelor (in Swedish)
  • 120 ECTS Masters programme in Economics (in Swedish)
  • integrated master programme (Bachelor & Master, in Swedish)
  • 120 ECTS Masters programme, Economics (English)

In Vaasa the department offers Economics as a minor at the Bachelor level.

Read more about Helsinki courses and Vaasa courses.

Economics forms the basis for the systematic thinking on economic interaction in society. The subject offers  basic perspectives and analytical tools that can be applied on an individual, corporate, industry, national or  global level.
Economics builds on a logically consistent structure, which relies on rational criteria for decision making. The subject offers perspectives on essential features of all types of markets ranging from local retailers to global  currency markets. Economics is the subject to choose if you want to obtain deeper insights  into how markets work and interact.

  • The courses oriented towards microeconomics deal with analyses of competition with a focus on how firms, organisations and industries should be organised to achieve efficiency.Issues covered include analyses of corporate strategies to create sustainable competitive advantages and of  assets markets characterized by incomplete information.
  • Courses offered in macroeconomics focus on wide-ranging issues of economic policy. Examples of topics are:  Why do we have structural unemployment and how can it be reduced? Why should monetary policy be  conducted by an independent central bank? What kind of distortions will be generated by politicians, who  depend on support from voters at regularly organized elections?

Hanken Master Programme with Specialization Economics

The two-year master programme in English is offered in collaboration with Helsinki GSE partner economics deparments at Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. The programme consists of 120 ECTS. You will deepen your understanding in core microeconomic, macroeconomic and econometric methods. In line with the specializations of the department, we also offer you special courses in competition policy, banking and finance, and behavioral and experimental economics. There are altogether about 30 courses to choose from in various fields of economics, each of which is offered through the Helsinki GSE collaboration and the teachers are Helsinki GSE researchers active in the frontier of each special field.  Interested in applying? You can find more information here.

PhD Studies

The doctoral programme in Economics is composed of common scientific doctoral studies, major and research-related studies, and a dissertation. Hanken's School of Research coordinates all doctoral programmes at Hanken School of Economics. The application process for the doctoral programmes is also coordinated by the School of Research. The contact person of the doctoral programme at the Department of Economics is professor Topi Miettinen.

Doctoral studies in economics are organised jointly with Aalto University and University of Helsinki within Helsinki Graduate School of Economics. The programme consists of diverse doctoral courses and seminars which provide a thorough training in the skills required of the contemporary academic and professional economists. All doctoral students are expected to gain a broad knowledge in various fields of economics during the first years of studies.The three main compulsory courses- microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics - are offered yearly. In addition, field courses as well as research seminars each year on different topics. All courses are lectured in English.