TranSIP Research Project

The Academy project "Legal Transplant For Innovation and Creativity - A Sino-Finnish Comparative Study on the Governance of Intellectual Property Rights" (TranSIP) is a comparative law research project which undertakes collaborative research in academic institutes in China and Finland. Beyond the named partners to the projects in China, the consortium envisions extensive international collaborations in Europe, and US.The core of the research explores the interaction of the law and the changes in the society, through regulation of economic activities as observed in the development of Chinese intellectual property laws. In particular, we explore the use of legal transplant as a method of inducing societal and behavioural changes, in particular to promote innovation and creativity in China.


  • Lee, Nari (Project manager, academic)
  • Bruun, Niklas (Project participant)
  • Li, Mingde, Institute of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Science, China (Project participant)
  • Norrgård, Marcus (Project participant)
  • Li, Yang, Shenzhen University, Faculty of Law, China (Project participant)
  • Cadillo Chandler, Dhanay (Project participant)
  • Ballardini, Rosa (Project participant)
  • He, Kan (Project participant)
  • Larson, Kelli (Project participant)
  • Antikainen, Mikko Johannes (Project participant)
  • Jongsma, Daniël Joseph Wietse (Project participant)
  • Liguo, Zhang, Helsinki University, Finland (Project participant)
  • Zhao, Yajie, Helsinki University, Finland (Project participant)
  • Tammenlehto, Laura (Project participant)
  • Wechsler, Andrea, Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Germany (Project participant)
  • Liu, Benjamin, John Marshall School of Law, United States (Project participant)

For more information view the project page on HARIS or the project plan.

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