Master's Programme in Corporate Governance

Master's Programme in Corporate Governance

A rapid increase in global wealth and an ageing population is leading to a major increase in the number of persons globally who directly or through intermediaries will invest in equity in the hope of a higher return than on bank deposits or government bonds. For these investors it is crucial to have mechanisms in place to ensure that the firms are managed in the best interests of all shareholders. This is what Corporate Governance is about.

Proper understanding of Corporate Governance requires a thorough background in business economics combined with a genuinely international, multicultural perspective on the problems involved. The Master's Programme in Corporate Governance organized by Hanken Centre for Corporate Governance (HCCG) at Hanken will provide you with this knowledge.


Student Experiences

Johanna Gunnlaugsdóttirs
Corporate Governance student, 2011



"Corporate Governance has become a necessary aspect in the international business environment, yet academically quite few opportunities are available in this field. It is therefore a great opportunity to get an excellent and unique education. Hanken will offer you a mixture of interesting and demanding courses given by a great team of lecturers and interesting guest lectures from high profile practitioners in the field of Corporate Governance. All in all you will receive a well-balanced education and meaningful knowledge of corporate governance in a very personal environment."


Joonas Korhonen
Corporate Governance student 2012




"The Master's Degree Programme in Corporate Governance has been a very rewarding experience. The multicultural environment and interactive studying methods together with high-level teaching have provided me with valuable and needed tools for my future career. I have gained broad understanding of the economic sciences while at the same time gained knowledge about recent research topics."