Yaron Brook, Ayn Rand Institute

Yaron Brook is the Executive Co-Chairman and President of the Ayn Rand Institute. Mr. Brook holds a BSc in Civil engineering from Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel, and an MBA and a PhD in Finance from the University of Texas.
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What is the role of government? 
Is it always up to the government to dictate consumer and company behaviour with regulation or should the economy be let to function freely and consumers left to carry the consequences of their actions? If it is some middle ground between these extremes, where should the line for government involvement be drawn? 

Most economists see some government involvement as necessary in a well-functioning economy. However, the relative size of governments to GDP in market economies around the world have experienced a trend-likeincrease since Second World War. Are we now way above the optimal government size?

To answer and elaborate these questions, Mr. Yaron Brook, an internationally sought-after speaker and debater, will share insights from his book. He will be challenged by Professor Markus Jäntti from University of Helsinki, who has an extensive career in researching poverty and income differences.

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Monday 3.4 17.00-18.30Venue: Assembly Hall (festsalen) 

Yaron BrookDirector, Ayn Rand Institute