Scholarships for language courses abroad

On this page you will find information about scholarship programmes within the Language Centre


Scholarship programmes within the Language Centre

The Language Centre offers scholarship programmes for language courses abroad and for Summer Schools. These are called Schuster grants and are intended for language studies in German, Spanish or Portuguese in countries where the language in question is generally spoken or for Summer Schools in one of these countries. These countries include Germany, Austria, the German-speaking part of Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Central and South America. It is worth taking advantage of this opportunity, as language courses in a language area are a very effective and appreciated way to get to know both the language and the culture of the destination country!

For more information about Grants at Hanken in general, please visit the general grants pages


Grants for German language courses

If you plan to take a language course in the German speaking countries, we have good news! Scholarships are granted for German language Courses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

There are two ways to get financing for your course:



Elisabeth Schuster Scholarships:

Hanken students can apply for the Elisabeth Schuster Scholarships every year in January and in September. You can consult a web page explaing the procedure here. This offer covers all German speaking countries.  



DAAD Scholarships:

Any Finnish university student can apply for DAAD Scholarships for summer courses in Germany. These applications have a deadline every year in the end of November. You will need a letter of recommendation from a teacher at your university. Please start with the application procedure well in time. DAAD stands for the German Academic Exchange Service. These scholarships are announced by the German embassy in Helsinki every year in September. 


How to choose a German language course? 

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) lists all available university based language courses in Germany. The DAAD course database can be seen here. No matter which scholarship you apply for, you can search for good courses here. 

The DAAD courses are either language courses (Sprachkurse) or field specific courses (Fachkurse). It is best to search for Language courses first, since there are more of them. 

In the advanced levels, after your initial search you will be able to specify a certain field that you find close to you, such as “Wirtschaft” or “Jura”. 

Most language courses are arranged during the summer months. In general they last from 2 to 4 weeks. There are some exceptions too. Online courses can be found as well. You should name the course(s) you intend to take, when writing your application. 

The same applies for Austria or in Switzerland: you can search for language courses in these countries by searching for a certain university and checking their pages for Sommerkurse or Sprachkurse. For instance Vienna has many courses available, just like most Austrian and Swiss universities.