63840 Literature Course in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility, 8 cr

Doctoral studies
Teaching language: 
Course Description: 

This course introduces doctoral students to current research in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility.

Learning Goal: 

You are well acquainted with key literature in the major beyond your own thesis topic and can position your own topic within this literature.

After completing the course, you will be able to: 
  • analyse and synthetise core literature in your major
  • identify relevant literature to define your research gap
  • define and argue for your research gap
  • map core concepts and related concepts that are relevant to your research and doctoral dissertation
International Learning Experience: 

The course is taught by international faculty.

Target Group: 

Only doctoral students in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility.

Total Student Workload: 

214 hours divided into
Scheduled (contact) hours: 0 h
Non-scheduled work: 214 hours


This is a literature course, hence the workload consists of identifying relevant literature, reading for the exam, and taking the take-home exam.

Literature and Course Material: 

This course is meant for doctoral students to consolidate their knowledge of issues connected to their major. Literature for the course is specified for each doctoral student separately (max. 800 pages).


Written examination.

Additional Information: 

See the course description in Moodle, and get in touch with the examiner when planning to take the course. Schedules and reading lists are agreed upon on an individual basis.