3893 Introduction to Corporate Responsibility, 1 cr

Intermediate studies
Teaching language: 
Course Description: 

The course introduces corporate responsibility (CR) as a field of business research. It covers core business and responsibility concepts, as well as connects these concepts to the courses in the Study Module of Corporate Responsibility.

The course can be taken as part of the Study Module in Corporate Responsibility.

Learning Goal: 

You will have a basic understanding about key CR concepts and their real-life challenges

After completing the course, you will be able to: 
  • Identify and apply key concepts regarding Corporate Responsibility.
Target Group: 

The course can only be taken by students who take the entire Study Module in Corporate Responsbility. The course is primarily aimed at students external to Hanken who to take this Study Module at Hanken. The course is mandatory for students external to Hanken who have been admitted to complete the Study Module in Corporate Repsonsibility.

See www.hanken.fi/csr-module for more information.


Total Student Workload: 

27 hours divided into
Scheduled (contact) hours: 8 h
Non-scheduled work:19 h



Lectures (mandatory)

Literature and Course Material: 

Articles as decided by the lecturer , max. 50 pages


Group work, final report

Limited Number of Participants: 


Additional Information: 

All assignments are valid for one academic year, thereafter if the course is not completed it has to be retaken.