Courses Moot Court Competition I

37032 Moot Court Competition I , 5 sp

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Course description

Due to COVID 19, this course will not be offered in 2021-22. Students who need to change their study plan, please contact Nari Lee.

The purpose of this elective course is to give an insight into substantive intellectual property law and procedural issues in relation to intellectual property law litigation. The course takes place as a international moot court competition, which means that three-person teams from Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway compete against each other. The competition focuses around one case only. First all teams shall draw up a statement of claims, whereafter each team replies to another team in the form of a statement defence. The best team from each country goes on to the final, which is held in the form of an oral hearing.

Learning Goal

You have an in-depth knowledge of IP law, and experience of proving your skills in practice in an international environment.

After completing the course, you will be able to
  • demonstrate depth and breath of understanding how intellectual property rights are litigated.
  • draft Statements of Claim and Statements of Defence in IP-related cases.
Additional Information

Not given 2021-2022 due to Covid-19.

International Learning Experience

The course is international activity based course and allow students to interact with students pursing IP Law masters in the Nordic countries. Students are required to work together in a team with students from other nationalities and engage in competition.

Target Group

Hanken degree students within the IPL specialisation or with Commercial Law as their major subject only.


Completed course Fundamentals of IP (37014), International and Comparative IP (37028)


Self-study based on online materials and written submission, oral presentations (group).

Total Student Workload

134 hours divided into
Scheduled (contact) hours: 0
non-scheduled work: 134 h

Recommended Time of Performance

Second year or the master's studies.


The course is divided into two parts: Moot Court Competition I and II. All those who fulfill the requirements of the Moot Court Competition up to the final (i.e. those who draft a statement of claims and a statement of defense) pass Moot Court Competition I (5 ECTS). The best Finnish team that reaches the final (i.e. the oral hearing) passes Moot Court Competition II and receives thus an additional 5 ECTS.

The Moot Court Competition I includes writing a statement of claims and a statement of defence and coaching by Finnish IP attorneys. Moot Court Competition II includes preparing for and taking part in an oral hearing and coaching by Finnish IP attorneys.

Students who have completed the earlier course Nordic IP Moot Court Competition I (8 ECTS, course code 3781) cannot take this course.