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37031 Intellectual Property Strategy for Business , 5 sp

Advanced studies
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Course description

Through this course, we will explore all areas of intellectual property issues in practical business settings and learn how various doctrines on intellectual property law fit into the practices in business. Highlighting the importance of strategic thinking, the course will begin with a general discussion on the core aspects where IP become crucial strategic importance to businesses. A series of lectures featuring various industry practitioners and US visiting professors will be arranged, focusing on specific business models and cases in commercialization. Based on fact patterns of selected business case study, students will learn to identify relevant intellectual property rights and apply various doctrines in intellectual property laws to practices.

The course is given every two years, see Additional information.

Learning Goal

You have in-depth knowledge of the application of IP law doctrines to specific business setting and cases.

After completing the course, you will be able to
  • identify relevant intellectual property doctrines in given business case scenarios,
  • describe and explain relevant doctrines in intellectual property laws in the given business context,
  • draft IP strategy and policy documentations in business setting,
  • apply European intellectual property laws to business practices.
Additional Information

Course offered every other year: not given 2020-21. 

International Learning Experience

The course is a part of the international IPL track at Hanken. The course in highly international in its substance and as well as learning format. As a part of the course students are required to work as a team including international students. A series of guest lectures given by international professors as well as practitioners are arranged to allow students to fully immerse in internatinal learning experience.

Best team may be selected to participate in Geneva WIPO workshop.


10 ECTs in IP law 


Lectures, guest practictioner lectures, case study workshops, independent exercises and group discussion. 

Attendance to the first lecture and case study sessions and the lectures that are marked as guest lectures. The students are also expected to learn the contents of lecture notes. The lectures are mandatory and the lecture notes will be made available after the lecture on the course website in Moodle.

Total Student Workload

134 hours divided into
Scheduled contact hours: ca 20
Non-scheduled work: 114 hours

Recommended Time of Performance

Second year of master's studies.


Group work presentation (40 %)
Individual learning log (50 %)
Classroom participation (10%)

  •  Fisher III, W. W. & Oberholzer-Gee, F. (2013). Strategic management of intellectual property. California management review, 55(4), 157-183. - Special Issue on Intellectual Property Management: In Search of New Practices, Strategies, and Business Models. 
  • Additional articles, lecture notes, slides, and cases as pointed out by the instructor. All articles, lecture notes, slides, as well as cases are required for the exam. Treaties, directives and statutory material are mainly for reference.

The students are also expected to learn the contents of lecture notes.

Students who have completed the earlier course Intellectual Property Strategy for Business (8 ECTS, course code 3791) cannot take this course.

Non-degree studies (Open University, JOO and Contract Studies)

(Not given 2020-21)